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Spiritual Unity - May, 2005

What is Spiritual Unity? Spiritual Unity is a group formed by Marc Ribot dedicated to re-creating and re-imagining the music of the great saxophonist Albert Ayler, one of the pillars of modern jazz.To Ribot, playing Ayler's music is a "ritual process, through improvisation, of experiencing and presenting the rawest moment of musical creation."

Spiritual Unity features the great bassist Henry Grimes, who played on many of Ayler's seminal recordings from the 1960s. After Grimes returned to the jazz scene in 2003, Ribot knew that the time had come to realize his long-time dream of forming a collective band to play this music. This is only the second release to feature Grimes since his return to music. Spiritual Unity also features eclectic trumpeter Roy Campbell and drummer Chad Taylor, best known for his work with the Chicago Underground.